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We are proud to host a menu with multitude of fresh and mostly organic items

The basic thought behind Aranyam is to offer you happiness,resort rishikesh and we know that happiness is never complete until and unless it is on a full stomach. Thus, we are proud to host a menu with multitude of fresh and mostly organic items, despite the constraints that an off the beaten track location offers. And to ensure that food served is always up to mark, we have an experienced chef in charge of our food and beverage service, with top priority given to both hygiene and taste. After all we aim to provide a feat that is a sensual delight for both your health and your taste buds.

We offer a variety of food items and try and give you the best of both an international and local cuisine. Thus, we have local Pahari cuisine to allow for new flavours to make way through your gastronomic taste buds, while also giving you the comfort of traditional Indian and classical Continental cuisines. In addition to this Aranyam dining experience has on offer fruits and vegetables grown organically and obtained locally. We also provide mineral water in rooms and tents (one bottle per guest per day). The water in the dining area is filtered and purified. Lastly even at the resort the meals served are simple to keep alive the spirit of nature calling, yet tasty and hygienically cooked, utilizing organic vegetables, grains and poultry.